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What are the normal periods of advertising?
Through our site you can book ads standard, premium and featured on a 1 month basis. If you would like to book any of these advertising options for more than a 1 month period then please contact us to make payment for the time period you require.

I just added an escort profile, how do I add pictures?
You will be able to upload pictures after you have paid for your ad. After payment has been cleared simply visit the profile page and from the right hand menu you will be able to add pictures.

I own a massage parlour, how do I list ads?
You will have to register as an escort agency and then you can add and manage the girls profiles

I registered as an escort agency, how do I manage the girls ads?
Simply login to your account and then from the “Agency options” menu select “Manage my Escorts” where you will be able to select which girls are shown.

I have prepaid advertising but will be going on holiday/overseas for a short time, what shall I do?
Just contact us and let us know that you would like to put a notice on your profile that you are going to be away and we will put the highlighted message on your profile page. When you come back make sure to let us know to remove the message for you!

What happens to prepaid advertising if I work overseas or have a holiday during a majority of that time?
If you are going to be away for just a short time please see above. If you have booked a single ad for more than three months and your holiday covers most of this period, we are happy to take down your profile and then reinstate it when you come back. You must contact us to have your profile reinstated!

How do I pay for my advertisement?
For the most up-to-date payment information, please click here

Do I get a receipt for my advertising?
You are provided with an invoice, via email after payment is received. This can be made to a business name at your request.

What happens when my advert expires?
When your profile expires any premium or featured statuses are removed and your profile fully gets deleted. If you wish to advertise again at a later date then you will have to create the profile again

How do I extend the time of my advert?
Simply contact us to arrange to make payment before expiry date and we will extend your ad

How do become a premium or featured escort?
Once you have created an escort profile details on how to do this will be shown in your right hand side bar. Alternatively click here to find out more.

Can I upload pictures and make text changes by myself?
Yes, once you have created any escort profile you can fully manage any feature of the advert.

Can you manage my account?
Yes, there will be an additional fee of £50 per month for both independent escorts and escort agencies. We will add your profile(s), pictures and make changes at your request, please contact us to make arrangements.

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